COVID-19 Information


What is Chahel Automotive doing to prevent the spread of COVID19 in our community?

• We are taking several precautions to safeguard the health of our customers and employees including:
(1) Frequently cleaning high-touch surfaces such as door handles, cooler doors, gas nozzles, countertops, faucets, credit card machines, and more.
(2) Requiring employees to frequently wash their hands for 30 seconds.
(3) Constantly reminding employees and customers to maintain 6 feet apart. – No hand shaking, no elbow bumping, etc.
(4) As available, providing hand sanitizer, soap, and Lysol wipes to our customers.
(5) Not allowing more than 3 customers in our waiting room at a time.
(6) Not allowing 2 or more employees to be in confined spaces such as our back offices or inside a vehicle.
(7) We take the health of our employees and their families seriously. We have asked any employee to stay home if they are not feeling well.

I need to get my car fixed but I don’t feel comfortable leaving my home. What can I do?

• Please give us a call at the location you’d like your car to be serviced. If you are within a few mile radius of that location we can arrange to pick up your vehicle (you can leave the keys in the vehicle), provide you an estimate over the phone, take payment over the phone, and then return your vehicle to you.
• Please understand that we expect the demand for this service to be high so it is being offered only during the times we have the resources and employees to do so.

I don’t feel comfortable pumping my gas. Can someone help me?

• During this challenging time, we will offer full service to our customers. While this service is primarily intended for seniors and other higher-risk individuals, we gladly offer it to everyone. As soon as one of our employees is free, we will help you pump your gas.
• Just simply call our store when outside and you won’t even have to step out of your vehicle. All phone numbers are listed on our website.
• We kindly ask for your understanding that it may take a few minutes before one of us can come outside to assist you.

Have your hours changed?

• Currently our auto repair hours have been reduced to 7am to 5pm and we have slightly shorter hours for our convenience stores. However, our gas pumps remain open 24 hours a day so you may use a credit card outside at any time.