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5 Signs Of Brake System Problems

Your vehicle completely relies on the brake system when it comes to slowing down or fully stopping, meaning that it should be working correctly all of the time. But just like any other part, it breaks down and malfunctions from time to time. If you want to catch those malfunctions before they escalate into bigger problems, make sure to read along. We will share five common signs of a failing brake system so you know what to look out for. 

1. Slowing Down Takes Longer

If you start to notice an increase in the time it takes to slow down or stop, your brake system might have something wrong with it. The cause can be anything from worn-out brake pads to leaks along the brake lines. Make sure to visit a mechanic because the last thing you want is for your brakes to fail on a highway or cross-section. 

2. Leaking Brake Fluid

Leaking brake fluid can be spotted on your driveway or on the tires. If you spot this, make sure to visit a repair facility ASAP. It can lead to total brake failure if ignored because there won't be any fluid to carry the signal from the brake pedal to the calipers.

3. Loud Noise When Braking

If you start noticing a loud scratching or other unfamiliar noise when braking, this can be caused by the wear indicators. What is a wear indicator? It is a component of the brake pads that starts making noise when they are worn out to a certain point. Make sure to take advantage of this obvious sign and visit a mechanic for a quick brake pad replacement.

4. Vibrations While Braking

One of the most obvious signs of brake system issues is vibration when braking. It can either be caused by unevenly worn brake pads or warped rotors. Both of them pose a threat to your safety and ability to control the vehicle. 

5. Brake Lights Are On

There are a couple of different brake lights. If you notice any of them turning on while driving, especially the parking brake one, you should be concerned. We advise you not to drive any further because the brakes could fail at any moment.

Brake System Repairs And Maintenance At Chahel Automotive!

If you have brake system problems or another part of your vehicle is malfunctioning, make sure to stop by Chahel Automotive! Our team will be happy to help with any car-related problem you might have.

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